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Francesca Pasquali

07 July 2017 - 23 September 2017

Tornabuoni Art is proud to present the first French solo show of emerging Italian artist Francesca Pasquali. Francesca Pasquali was born in Bologna in 1980. She draws her inspiration from the observation of natural and organic shapes, which she transposes into complex and sophisticated installations.

A keen observer of the materiality and transience of objects, Francesca Pasquali is influenced by the heritage of the Arte Povera movement to repurpose daily objects such as drinking straws and elastic bands, cobweb dusters and broom bristles.

From hard to soft, from alien to familiar, the materials interact with the visitors who become actors and co-authors of the works as they move around, touch and enter them.

The exhibition at Tornabuoni Art Paris displays around thirty works, and one large-scale installation, Marazul, a 450x250cm coloured foam rubber sculptural work.

The show also features Francesca Pasquali’s most iconic series such as her Straws, Frappe, Setole or Spiderballs.

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